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All the features you need for a killer recruitment process.

Your job openings

Meeting all your recruitment needs

  • Application Form

    Customize the application form provided to applicants (resume, portfolio, Github profile, website, etc.)

  • Custom Applicant Pipeline

    Customize the application pipeline and edit columns to match your recruiting process

  • Questionnaires

    Add open-ended questions to the application form

  • Recruiter Notifications

    Select the recruiters who will be notified when a candidate applies to a job

  • Job Posting

    Post your jobs on the right platforms (job sites, WTTJ media)

Your applicants

Everything you need to identify the best applicants

  • Applicant Profiles

    Consolidate all available information for a particular applicant in one place

  • Application History

    Get notified if a candidate has already applied to one of your jobs

  • One centralized mailbox

    Consolidate all communication with your applicants, via the tool or over email, in one place

  • Email Templates

    Save response templates and send them with a single click

  • Comments and Votes

    Leave comments and votes on each application, visible in real time

  • @Tag team members

    @tag someone on your team so that he/she gets a notification

  • Reviews

    Rate applicants based on criteria specific to each job or across all positions

  • Tags

    Tag each application to easily sort applicant profiles

  • Status Update

    Change the status of an application with one click

  • Applicant Transfers

    Transfer an application from one job to another or from one organization to another

  • Chrome Extension

    Add applicants directly from your favorite websites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Github, Facebook, Dribble, Behance, Stack Overflow)

  • Bulk Actions

    Save time and move, archive or send an email to multiple applicants with one click

  • Volume

    Receive a detailed analysis of your recruitment for each job and applicant source over a given period.

  • Performance

    Have your best recruitment sources ranked in terms of volume and conversion.

  • Data

    Export all your data in CSV format

  • Flows

    Analyze the flow of applications for each job or source (job boards, social media platforms, Welcome to the Jungle, etc.)

Your Career Website

Finally a career website adapted to your company brand

  • Ready-to-use career site

    Benefit from a turnkey career site

  • Custom Career Website

    Get a custom career website that reflects your brand identity

  • Custom Domain

    Connect your career website to a custom domain

  • Multilingual (EN/FR)

    Choose the language for your website (English/French)

  • Free hosting

    Enough said!

  • Responsive

    Make your career website accessible on any device

  • Widget

    Easily embed jobs from your existing site with the help of a custom widget

Your team

All together now for better recruitment

  • Activity Feed

    Follow all recruiter activity in real time

  • Email Notifications

    Receive email notifications when action is taken on an application

  • Manage your team

    Invite as many team members as you like

  • Confidentiality

    Guarantee confidentiality for every job by choosing each recruiter's access level

  • Slack Integration

    Monitor your recruiting process on Slack with a dedicated channel

  • Manage multiple businesses

    As a user or admin for multiple business accounts, you can manage them all on a single dashboard

  • Activity

    Measure the effectiveness of your recruitment teams with the recruiting dashboard (time it takes to answer applicants, number of comments, number of emails exchanged with applicants, etc.)

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